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30th Anniversary Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience




Messages for the 30th Anniversary

Greetings  Ken Mizutani (Chairperson, the Board of Directors)

Message  Kunihiko Suzuki (Board of Directors)

Message  Tamao Endo (Board of Directors, Chairperson, Selection Committee)

30th Anniversary Commemorative Symposium


Special Lecture  Christina M. Woo

Invited Lecture  Yoshihiro Kawaoka

Special Lecture  Yasuhiro Kajihara

Invited Lecture  Kenji Kadomatsu

Mizutani Grant for Glycoscience Research

Application guidelines for research grant


Grant awardees and titles (2018-2022)

List of Awardees (1993-2022)

Research Reports - Results and Perspectives -

Selected abstracts of the research grant projects (2017-2021)

Support for Glycoscience Meetings

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List of the International Exchanges and Glycoscience Meetings

Outline of Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience

Outline of the Foundation

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Aim of the Foundation