Past Grantees

Grantees 1999

In 1999, Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience received 90 research grant applications from 25 countries. After careful evaluation for scientific merit, potentiality and feasibility, the foundation approved 14 projects and awarded a total of 70,000,000yen to them. The grantees for the 2000 fiscal year are (in alphabetical order):

Bertozzi, Carolyn R.; University of California,USA; "Metabolic oligosaccharide engineering for cell surface modification"
Breen, Kieran C.; University of Dundee,UK; "The role of second messengers in the control of sialyltransferase activity"
Davis, Benjamin G.; University of Durham,UK; "Site-selective glycosylation for the investigation of protein-glycan conjugates"
Furukawa, Keiko; Nagoya University School of Medicine,Japan; "How can gangliosides prevent the neuronal death and promote itsregeneration?"
Heath, Andrew W.; University of Sheffield Medical School,UK;"Conjugates of CD40 antibodies and Bacterial Polysaccharides"
Hirabayashi, Jun; Teikyo University,Japan; "The first step to the C.elegans glycopeptide glycome project"
Hirschberg, Carlos B.; Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine,USA; "The golgi GDP-fucose transport and leukocyte adhesion deficiency II syndrome"
Key, Brian; University of Queensland, Australia; "Role of novel N-CAM glycoforms in axon guidance"
Oohira, Atsuhiko; Aichi Human Service Center,Japan,; Role of NGC, a neuronal part-time proteoglycan, in the cerebellar development"
Orlando, Ron; The University of Georgia,USA; "Mass spectrometric studies on the mechanism of pectin degrading enzymes"
Perrimon, Norbert; Harvard Medical School,USA; "Role of heparan sulfate proteoglycans in Wnt signaling"
Stevens, Richard L.; Brigham and Women's Hospital,USA; "Serglycin proteoglycans in inflammation"
Vlodavsky, Israel; Hadassah Universily Hospital,Israel; "Heparanase: Potential target for detection and treatment of cancer metastasis"
Young, William W., Jr.; University of Louisville,USA; "Structure and function of GM2 synthase"


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