Message from Chairperson

Mr. Ken Mizutani
The Mizutani Foundation for Glycosience was established in October 1992 by Mr. Masakane Mizutani with the aim to contribute to the welfare of mankind through promotion of glycoscience. Its main activities consist of extending research grants for original basic studies carried out by glycoscientists both in Japan and overseas, supporting international exchanges among glycoscientists, and assisting organizations that hold academic conferences and meetings related to glycoscience.

It can be said that the trend of times is for pursuing quick material gains, with the backing of the progress in IT and AI. However, we believe that, in the area of life science, the advancement of basic science to clarify life science and elucidate what life is should provide an indispensable basis for a variety of areas of applied technology. Our Foundation locates glycoscience as a basic science that can lead to clarification of the essence of life. We expect that the elucidation through basic science would guide us to develop new medicines, new diagnostic agents and new medical materials.

On this occasion, I would like to renew our commitment to continue our efforts to become more effective foundation for the promotion of glycoscience on the global perspective. We are committed to do what little we can to contribute to the development of basic science. Your continued magnanimous support would be highly appreciated.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the researchers, research organizations and people related to the academic society, who appreciated the intent of our Foundation and have cooperated in the promotion of glycoscience.

The Mizutani Foundation for Glycosience
April, 2023
Chairperson Ken Mizutani
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