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Grantees 2013

Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience received 148 research grant applications from 26 countries in 2012. After careful evaluation for scientific and social merit, potentiality and feasibility, the Foundation decided to award the grants of 70 million yen in total to the following Projects.

Demchenko, Alexei; University of Missouri, USA; Exploring non-traditional approaches to stereocontrolled glycosylation
Drickamer, Kurt; Imperial College London, UK; Prolectin: a novel glycan-binding protein on B lymphocytes
Estevez, Jose; University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Molecular players of the glyco network that controls the polarized growth at a single plant cell level
Gentry, Matthew; University of Kentucky, USA; Glucan phosphatases link neurodegeneration and biofuels research
Inokuchi, Jin-ichi; Tohoku Pharmaceutical University, Japan; Roles of gangliosides and sphingomyelin on T cell development and function
Irie, Fumitoshi; Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, USA; Functional synapse formation by heparan sulfate/autism-linked protein binding
Mahal, Lara; New York University, USA; Deconvoluting the role of glycans in microvesicle/exosome protein sorting
Morita, Yasu; University of Massachusetts, USA; Primordial endoplasmic membrane in bacteria with roles in glycan biosynthesis
Murakami-Murofushi, Kimiko; Ochanomizu University, Japan; Heat stress sensing mediated by novel bioactive glycolipid cholesteryl glucoside
Platt, Frances; University of Oxford, UK; Role of glycosphingolipids in severe human epilepsies
Samuelson, John; Boston University, USA; Roles for β-1, 3-glucan in oocyst walls of Toxoplasma and Eimeria
Stanley, Pamela; Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, USA; Roles for N-glycans in spermatogenesis
Tanaka, Katsunori; Riken, Japan; Imaging and regulation of live cell dynamics and functions by surface glycans
Theocharis, Achilleas; University of Patras, Greece; Biological roles of serglycin in breast cancer
Triggs-Raine, Barbara; The University of Manitoba, Canada; Determination of the role of hyaluronidase 2 in the uptake of hyaluronan
Troy, Frederic; University of California, USA; Functional analyses of polysialic acid DP on human cancer & stem cells
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