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Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience received 189 research grant applications from 23 countries in 2014. After careful evaluation for scientific and social merit, potentiality and feasibility, the Foundation decided to award the grants of approximately 77 million yen in total to the following 16 projects.

Anthony, Robert; Massachusetts General Hospital, USA; The importance of the IgE glycome in allergic inflammation
Borbás, Anikó; University of Debrecen, Hungary; Development of a novel class of heparinoid anticoagulants
Boyce, Michael; Duke University School of Medicine, USA; Control of COPII vesicle trafficking by intracellular protein glycosylation
Elkin, Michael; Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center, Israel; Enzymatic cleavage of heparan sulfate powers inflammation and associated cancer
Foulquier, François; UMR8576, CNRS, University of Lille I, France; TMEM165, a new key player in golgi glycosylation and skeletal development
Grimes, Catherine; University of Delaware, USA; Regulation of Nod2 by O-GlcNAc glycosylation and its role in Crohn's Disease
Itokazu, Yutaka; Georgia Regents University, USA; c-Series gangliosides regulate neural stem cell proliferation and regeneration
Kotani, Norihiro; Saitama Medical University, Japan; Developing the antibody medicine against glycolipid-enriched raft
Manya, Hiroshi; Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital and Institute of Gerontology, Japan; The biosynthetic mechanism of O-mannosyl glycan diversity
Matsuno, Kenji; Osaka University, Japan; Functional interactions among glycan modification on EGF-like repeats of Notch
Matthijs, Gert; University of Leuven, Belgium; Insights into golgi stress response from a new glycosylation disorder
Nishihara Shoko; Soka University, Japan; The roles of glycans in the intra-axonal compartmentalization of neuron
Pillai, Shiv; Massachusetts General Hospital, USA; 9-O acetyl sialic acid and autoimmunity
Rush, Jeffrey; University of Kentucky, USA; Role of RFT1 in dolichol-linked oligosaccharide assembly in human fibroblasts
Silverman, Neal; University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA; A new transporter for inflammatory muropeptides
Withers, Stephen; University of British Columbia, Canada; Engineered sialyltransferases for sialidase-resistant therapeutic glycoproteins
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