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Grantees 2016

Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience received 209 research grant applications from 34 countries in 2015. After careful evaluation for scientific and social merit, potentiality and fasibility, the Foundation decided to award the grants of approximately 77 milion yen in total to the following 20 projects.

Boons, Geert-Jan; Utrecht University, The Netherlands; Glycan complexity and biological recognition
Daniotti, Jose; CONICET, Argentina; S-acylation of glycosyltransferases: characterization and functional relevance
Diskin, Ron; Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel; Deciphering the molecular role of sialylated glycans for the tropism of LASV
Fujimoto, Yukari; Keio University, Japan; Synthesis and functional analysis of glycoconjugates for NKT cell activation
Heazlewood, Joshua; The University of Melbourne, Australia; Untangling lumenal UDP-sugar transport in humans
Ju, Tongzhong; Emory University, USA; The role of Tn and STn antigens in progression and metastasis of colon cancer
Kamimura, Keisuke; Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Japan; Roles of heparan sulfate proteoglycans in Drosophila synaptic plasticity
Kato, Keiko; Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan; Sialyltransferase and metabolic load-dependent psychiatric disorders
Kawasaki,Toshisuke; Ritsumeikan University, Japan; Novel marker antibodies recognizing glycan structures on human iPS/ES cells
Kimura, Yoshinobu; Okayama University, Japan; Glycotechnology to regulate plant development through glycogene control
Nguyen, Hien; University of Iowa, USA; Synthesis and evaluation of zwitterionic carbohydrate immunostimulants
Orlean, Peter; University of Illinois, USA; How do chitin synthases start chitin chains and at which end do chains grow?
Parameswaran, Reshmi; Case Western Reserve University, USA; Regulation of natural killer cell function by O-GlcNAc modification
Passi, Alberto; University of Insubria, Italy; O-GlcNAcylation regulates expression of HAS2 and CD44
Pshezhetsky, Alexey; University of Montreal, Canada; Neuraminidases as a trigger of atherosclerosis
Takegawa, Kaoru; Kyushu University, Japan; Enzymatic synthesis of pyruvate-containing glycoproteins using endoglycosidase
Takematsu, Hiromu; Kyoto University, Japan; Molecular mechanisms of cytokinetic inhibition triggered by psychosine
Yamaguchi, Yoshiki; Riken, Japan; Study on structural dynamics and interaction of branched N-glycans
Yamaji, Toshiyuki; National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan; Search for new glycosylation-related genes by using a CRISPR library and toxins
Zimmer, Jochen; University of Virginia, USA; Structural and functional biology reveal the mechanism of hyaluronan synthesis
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